The Washington Post is obnoxious

They really, really want me to hate their website. They don’t want ad blocking. OK I get that. I really wanted to read this article so I turned off the ad blocker (to make matters worse they refer to the Firefox tracking protection as an “ad blocker”) and this is what I get:

Here are some screenshots of the site as I scroll down through the article.

So obnoxious that I won’t visit the site again. You lost a potential reader WaPo.

Ulysses 19 released, odd reviews ensue

So @ulyssesapp released a new version today with external folder support. Always amusing to me when people then try/suggest ways to use the software in a way it wasn’t really designed.

For instance there is a suggestion to, instead of using Ulysses’ native CloudKit support to create a Ulysses folder in iCloud Drive and use that instead, making sure to use the Ulysses native file format to get all of the features the editor provides.

Why would someone want to do that other than “because it can be done”? Sure, you can do it. But it’s not a better solution than the long-standing CloudKit syncing while at the same not being being the reason external folder support was added in the first place.